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Adapting to Custom Millwork in Kingston for Home Renovation

Custom millwork in Kingston is a type of woodwork that is made possible through the use of a mill. The objects like wooden doors, windows, crown molding, and wall paneling are all cut and created from raw lumber than fabricated in a factory. It makes up a brilliant addition to your home because of its rustic appeal and old-world charm to your house.

As custom millwork specialists in Kingston, Co-op Concept and Fabrication can offer you a range of architectural millwork services. From custom door design, molding and millwork to custom cabinetry and casework.

Whether you are planning on building a new nest or renovating the old one, you can never go wrong with custom millwork. Here are some of the ideas you can consider:

Crown Molding

There are different types of molding you can incorporate in your home which includes crown molding and wainscoting. Molding is very functional and appealing once added with a strip of material, you may provide decorative accents and cover unsightly spots, ceiling cables, and paint goof-ups.

Additionally, you may take advantage of wainscoting to add extra strength to house exteriors, protect walls and hide scuffs. You can even accentuate the room height or uplift the overall appearance of the room through wall molding.

Custom Ceiling Treatments

Time to bring a little drama to that staid room of yours! You can add more features to your rooms like wood-paneled designs, beams, and wooden coffers. You can also try out wood planks to match your hardwood floor. In this case, you can experiment with wooden wall coverings as they come perfectly with canvas paintings, shelves, and media units. On the other hand, you can play around with textures like popcorn ceiling, drywall ceiling, drop ceiling, and many more. Adding a beautiful medallion to your ceiling can highlight a hanging chandelier or light fixture especially when you have a plainer design.

Custom Millwork for Kitchen

Custom kitchen cabinetry can put more spirit into your room. Since cabinets are one of the main objects in your kitchen, you need to consider both the design style and functional needs. It must not only look well but you must also be able to get the most out of it. Read on the types of kitchen cabinetry and learn how you can improve your lifestyle with these smart kitchen hacks.

Built-in Furnitures

Never let the remaining space in your room go to waste! You can opt for furnishings such as built-in bookshelves or storage cabinets in your bedrooms or offices. Many incorporates these to add a little more storage around their houses. It can help you stash away books, souvenirs, toys, extra pillows, and many more.

Let us know if you need help with built-in furniture ideas, you may consult with our custom millwork specialists for premium quality custom millwork services.

Wall Panels

Your flat and bare walls can be enlivened through wall paneling. Like wainscoting, this decorative paneling helps protect walls in high-traffic areas of your house, or simply add a visual enhancement to it. A wide range of designs and textures are available for custom work in our fabrication shop in Kingston.

Custom Millwork in Kingston

The samples mentioned above show how custom millwork in Kingston can be powerful especially when done right. You can create more storage, hide unsightly cables, and enliven a plain and boring wall interior. Whether it is a total home renovation or just built-in furnishings, you can absolutely incorporate custom millwork to your property.

Aside from the styling and storage benefits, homeowners also see it as a way to increase the resale value of the property. So, it is always the best idea to consult the experts first in order to get the right and very best designs for your home. Co-op Concept and Fabrication takes pride in offering only the best premium quality of custom millwork services for cabinets, doors, walls, ceilings, and many more. Contact us today for your custom millwork project. You can also check our recent works from our fabrication shop in New York to have an idea for your next fabrication and millwork project.

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