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Art Fabrication in New York: How Art Fabrication is Changing the World of Artists

Have you ever seen yourself looking at a work of art and wondered how on

earth it was made?

Many of you might be asking questions like: “How did they make the material form into an art like that?”, “How did that art fit into their studio?”, “What were the challenges they faced upon installation?”. Well, the secret behind those questions is an Art Fabrication Studio.

Today, many of the art pieces we come across in places like art & gallery in New York have been made with the help of art fabricators. Collaboration of individual artists and fabricators is nothing new to the world of art. Art Fabricators in New York like Co-op Concept can open endless possibilities for artists where imagination tends to be the only limit. Specializing not only in fine arts, but in retail displays, experiential marketing, CNC services, as well as custom carpentry and metal work.

Here are some of the reasons why individual artists are looking up to Art Fabrication in New York.

**Fabricators help make the impossible, possible

Don’t let yourself be limited by your means. With art fabricators in New York, your ideas can be transformed into reality. You don’t need to spend another decade studying metal work and carpentry. More so, you wouldn’t want to spend another grand just to invest on the

equipment when a fabrication company can provide it for you. Wouldn't you rather just let the art fabricators who have decades of industry experience do it for you, right? Co-op Concept can be your partner, and we will be here for you every step of the creative process. Your creativity should be the only limit here, and as fabricators, we will help you figure out and

achieve the artwork you are wanting.

**Fabricators proactively manage risks

The exceptional problem-solving abilities of the fabricators are paramount. Not only do you focus on the engineering/fabrication experience when looking for the best art fabricator in New York. You might need to add on that list too how well your fabricators identify possible risks and how they could deter them. Contemplating the possible risks of the projects is normal, but the best fabricators could help you navigate on thin ice.

**Fabricators see to it your project is running smoothly

Artists working with art fabricators is like having your own project manager as well. For instance, working in a public art project would mean requiring a myriad of professionals working at their own skill set. Fabricators on the other hand can provide guidance in relation to materials selection, budgeting, and construction methodology. Our previous client for example, Lehman Maupin Gallery, where we worked on Teresita Fernandez project. Plotting and installing tens of thousands of individually mounted glass pieces is uncomplicated. Without proper scheming to it, one could break down the entire work. Co-op Concept & Fabrication has unparalleled and outstanding experience and top-of-the-line workshop art

fabrication. By incorporating skillful and professional fabricators, we can bring in-depth knowledge and expertise to your projects.

**Co-op Fabricators stay on top of the line

When sourcing for an art fabrication company in New York, taking into consideration whether a company can drive the project well is a must. It’s not as simple as browsing and then selecting. It’s more of a math-like skill where you get to do a lot of analysis. Analyzing whether the company is established enough to bring your ideas into existence; whether you get to achieve the quality you are aiming for; and how smooth the project could be from production to transition by a team of professionals.

At Co-op Concept Fabrication, we stay on top of the line. We see to it that the materials equipped, and the techniques implemented to the projected are innovative and effective. We ensure they are suitable and safe enough to produce an exceptional project. Keeping up to date does not mean you simply adapt to the state-of-the art equipment and techniques. We see to it that it fits the project requirements, enough to produce a quality project.

While these may all sound convincing to artists...I know some may still be asking

questions if there is a downside working with fabricators. Well, our answer would only be...IT’S ALL UP TO YOU. It is all up to how you select the right type of fabrication company and the particular art fabricators in New York you will work with. Considering all the previously mentioned characteristics that would guide you to better choose the right art fabrication company, it’s all up to you in the end if you will follow that. Let us not just forget how it is a must to have adequate and diverse knowledge in the latest art trends, and the ability to foresee possible problems and their competitive approach to them. You might also want to consider down the road a fabricator who knows how to conserve an artwork.

Time will come that artist may no longer be existent, but a fabricator should know how to keep a legacy. For instance, a fabrication company can choose materials that fits and holds the artwork for a lifetime.

Final thoughts

We help create the artist’s vision through combined skills and resources. By taking pride in our state-of-the-art technology, we are able to establish quality standard for art fabrication in New York.

Co-op Concept & Fabrication is a team of builders by heart. Contact us now to get started. You can also check out our recent works for more information.