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Basic Carpenter Tools to Keep in Mind

Carpentry in New York is one of the most traditional roles or trades in the construction industry. Carpentry can be easily defined as the art of working with timber in order to construct and maintain furnitures, objects, and buildings. Without the skills of the woodworkers or carpenters, the carpentry itself will be meaningless. Due to their specialized knowledge and techniques, they become one of the most necessary and in-demand of all building trades. So, if you are wondering what set of tools are required to carry out works of carpentry in New York, we have compiled a list for you. This list summarizes the most used and important tools in a construction project. However, some carpenters, as with every trade, might require more tools than these to perform their work.

Carpentry in New York: Set of Basic Carpenter’s Tools


Even for the smallest work, a tape measure has always become handy and useful when getting the right dimensions for your work. There are different types of tape measures so make sure you choose the most appropriate with the right precision on it. As for the metric units, opt for the one with meters and feet because sometimes both systems are used in the plans and on the job.


Most carpenters, especially the traditional carpenters, always rely on this tool because they can have more control on the cut. There are several variations for this type of tool such as hacksaw, coping saw, rip saw, power saw, and many more. Though they appear to have multiple variations, they all served common purpose – to cut. Handsaws don’t mean to replace the power saws, but they give you a simplistic one.


Workbenches or sawhorses are a carpenter’s best friend that plays a very practical and convenient purpose. It basically helps you rest the piece of wood while working or cutting the areas of it. Portable workbenches are lightweight and are frequently used when framing or installing a door. As a result, it allows you to make precise cuts even when working all by yourself. There are also advanced models of workbenches that come with clamp and adjustable surfaces to move it around and fit almost any type of wood.


Spirit levels are very critical when obtaining the perfect leveled surface or product. Some would use short levels while others prefer using longer levels. Nevertheless, it all boils down to the application and type of woodworking job. Use a longer level if you are working with studs as it helps you achieve a neater product. A short level might mislead you when you are unfamiliar with tolerances and deviations.


A 20 oz claw hammer with steel handle is a recommended one as it allows a perfect grip and right driving force. Make sure that steel handle hammers come with a rubberized grip when working with them. Not only does it give an improved grip performance, but a better control as well. Wood handles are also useful especially when you are driving a lot of nails. The only downside with it is that it can make your hand sweaty if you are not using safety gloves.

Another type of hammer popular in the industry of carpentry in New York is sledgehammer. Choose one that is lightweight yet powerful enough to finish off your work. Furthermore, working with a heavyweight sledgehammer can get you worked up easily as you must deal with the weight while controlling it.


In order to secure and grip pieces of wood and lumber, quick clamps can be of great help. Using it can free up your hands while sawing, cutting, or performing other woodworking tasks. Thus, it will be easier for you to do your job with more efficiency. Clamps, especially quick clamps can be very useful when making 45- and 90-degree cuts.

Quick clamps come in various designs, models, styles, and sizes. Hence, you can freely attach them to different working surfaces.


Regardless how advanced the technology is, a carpenter’s square will always be valuable in carpentry. A metal-finished carpenter’s square is better than a plastic, as plastics can lose shape and may affect your measurements.

A carpenter’s square 6-inch model is easier to carry and use. Also, it is great when used together with a table saw which can also help with some angles.


Opt for an alloy steel chisel to completely create clean cuts. Chisels are mainly used by carpenters and woodworkers to chip out wood for door hinges and other fine woodworking jobs. It also comes in different sizes starting from ¼ inch to 2 inches long. Corner chisels are also available that act like a hole punch in order to remove a section of wood with one hammer blow. When buying a chisel, choose the ones with wood handles capped with metal. Thus, it can withstand constant hammering and can last longer. Keeping it oiled and sharpening the edges can make it last longer.


Working with carpentry in New York means you really get to work with a nail gun. It removes nails in a faster and much efficient process; thus, it can save you more time and money. Nail guns are available in various models with different power. Remember to choose a gun that is fit to your needs.


A pencil will always be a tool needed in woodworking. In some instances, carpenters will use chalk lines since they are cheaper but serve the same purpose – to mark cuts or help when laying out framing.

There’s also another type of pencil used by mechanical carpenters that’s quite expensive compared to a standard pencil. It looks like a utility knife but it’s easy to use and carry. Furthermore, it no longer needs to be sharpened but still able to make a sharp clear line.

Final Thoughts

Carpentry in New York would mean you have to deal with a lot of different tools. This list is just a compilation of the most basic tools that carpenters deal with. It could go on and on because all carpenters will need a set of drills, circular saws, grinders, and so on and so forth. Just keep in mind the result you are wanting to achieve in order to choose the best set of tools to work with.

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