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Is Powder Coating Necessary for Metal Fabrication Artworks?

Updated: Jan 18

Custom Metal Fabrication in New York doesn’t only require a skillful team of metal fabricators but an efficient metal finishing process too. Raw metals that do not undergo proper finishing tend to be exposed on some distinct problems. Most likely, metals that are exposed will corrode and tarnish in due course.

Our day-to-day life depends on numerous aspects of metal-fabricated products. May it be the windows and doors we use every day, the car parts in the vehicle we drive, the household appliance we make use of; metal plays a huge role for mass consumption.

What is Metal Finishing and Why is it important?

Metal Finishing is simply a process of applying metal coating on the substrate. However, metal finishing may involve process for cleaning, polishing, or improving product surface. It often involves electroplating, which describes the process of using electric current to deposit metal ions onto the metal surface. Metal finishing comes with a range of processes that serves a lot of valuable purposes. Below are some of the benefits users can take advantage of:

  • Reduce effects of corrosion

  • Improve the appearance and increase water resistance

  • Act as primer coat for paint adhesion

  • Strengthen the metal surface

  • Enhance chemical resistance

  • Solderability improvement

  • Make metal surface electrically conductive

  • Clean, polish and eliminate defects

How Does Powder Coating Work?

Custom Metal Fabrication in New York didn’t always look for powder coating as an option. Liquid paint was mostly utilized for metal finishing but the downside about it is it’s too time consuming. Moreover, it will not be effective unless performed only by professionals. It was in the year of 1960’s when powder coating was perfected and finally gain its spotlight. Metal fabricators immediately recognized its advantages over the other metal finishing processes, and how it revolutionized the metal fabrication industry.

Powder coating for metal fabrication helps improve durability. At the same time, it provides premium appearance and eliminates negative impact on the environment. It can also provide a thicker coating to the surface as compared to a liquid coating.

Powder coat comes with a combination of ingredients including curatives, pigments, leveling agents, flow modifiers, and other additives necessary. By electrostatically depositing it to the metal surface, the powder is absorbed. Then, fabricators can place the parts in a high temperature environment. The duration for this highly depend on the powder materials and can usually range up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Products will be cured in a specially designed oven and can be used immediately.

Is Powder Coating Effective?

Metal finishing the fabricated products plays a great role in the quality and lifespan of a product. Properly finishing the metal does not only improve its appearance but makes it a lot valuable and gratifying.

Custom Metal Fabrication in New York makes use of various metal finishing methods. Powder coating has gained its spotlight in the metal fabrication industry because of the processes and the quality it gives. Aside from the fact that powder coating is safe and cost-effective, its finish product is indeed cleaner, smoother, and environmental-friendly. No wonder why it has a superior edge in the metal industry.

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