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Types of CNC Machining Capabilities and Their Advantages

Many of the CNC capabilities in New York are seen in a lot of objects among different industries. For instance, airplane engines, hand tools or garden tools, medical equipment, automobile frames, and many more. Through an electro-mechanical device like a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine, it uses programming inputs in order to operate machine tools and create the prototype itself.

How CNC Machine Works?

Once the CNC system is activated, the software will be programmed according to the desired cuts and dimensions. It will then be distributed to the corresponding machining tools to carry out the specified tasks.

A code generator within the CNC programming can definitely make it more flawless, unlike with the manual works of human. Tendency for human errors will likely be lesser. Placing the tool in a numerical control system is outlined by series of inputs called as the part program. Programs are fed to the numerical control machine via punch cards. The code itself, which is written and can be edited by programmers, is retained in the computer’s memory. Thus, CNC systems provide a more extensive computational capacity. Moreover, it is static, so newer prompts can simply be added to the pre-existing programs by just revising the code.

Types of CNC Machining Operations


One of the CNC capabilities in New York is drilling. It operates by spinning a drill bit and cutting it into a block of stock material. The CNC machine basically feeds the drill bit perpendicularly to the plane of the workpiece’s surface. As a result, it produces vertically aligned holes with diameters equal to drill bit’s diameters. Nevertheless, using specialized machine configurations and work holding devices let you perform angular drilling operations too.

Operational CNC Capabilities of Drilling Process Includes:


CNC milling machine is the most common type of CNC machine used nowadays. This CNC machining process makes use of revolving cutting tools in order to remove the material from the block. The machine feeds the workpiece in the same direction as cutting tool’s rotation. The process technically removes the material from the workpiece while it produces a wider variety of shapes.

Operational CNC Capabilities of Milling Process Includes:

  • Face Milling – cutting shallow and flat surfaces and flat-bottomed cavities into the workpiece.

  • Peripheral Milling – cuts deep cavities like slots and threads into the workpiece.


This CNC machining process employs single point cutting tools in order to remove the material from the rotating workpiece. CNC lathes or CNC turning machine feeds the cutting tool in a linear motion along the surface of the rotating workpiece. It removes the material from the workpiece to produce round or cylindrical parts.


CNC metal spinning is close to how lathe machines work. It involves a lathe set with a blank metal sheet or tube that rotates at high speeds while a metal spinning roller forms the workpiece into a desired shape.

Swiss Machining

A CNC machining type that is also known as swiss screw machining. It makes use of a specialized type of lathe that allows the workpiece to move back and forth, as well as rotate. Thus, it enables closer tolerances and better stability while cutting. This type of CNC machining is applicable for small parts in large quantities, for instance watch screws.


A process of using a cutting tool called broach that pushes and pulls through the workpiece. It can be used on workpieces that are circular and flat, which have complex and intricate profiles. The cutting tool itself comes with a series of tools along its body in the axial direction. Thus, it helps allow to have a greater precision along the process.


Lapping is one of the polishing processes to create a perfectly flat and smooth part. This is made possible by rubbing an abrasive in between surfaces. A variety of materials work with the lapping process such as metal, ceramic, and glass.

CNC lapping machines are considered precision finishing machines. Unlike honing or grinding process, lapping is a loose abrasive machining process. Its abrasive action comes from a slurry abrasive particle mixed with water or oil. Then, the slurry forms an abrasive film in between underlying lapping plate and parts to be lapped.

This CNC machining capability is suitable when absolute flatness, parallelism, or surface finish is necessary.


A finishing process that rolls a hard roller across a metal surface. It smoothens the surface with a mirror-like finish by eliminating peaks and valleys. Burnished parts are considered more wear-resistant and durable. Moreover, they are less prone to corrosion due to their lack of cracks.


Grinding removes a material from workpiece by using a disc-shaped grinding wheel. Also, it can be a polishing process for a workpiece. Once the workpiece is fed towards the wheel, it will rub off some of its material. When it has a coarse surface, the wheel helps smoothen it.

The grinding wheel comes in various types such as grindstones, angle grinders, die grinders and specialized grinding machines. No matter what you use, all of them makes use of abrasive particles to grind the material from workpiece.


A process that provides the final sizing and creates the finish pattern on the interior of tubing or cylindrical bores. Its purpose is to refine the surface in terms of the following:

  • Geometric form

  • Accuracy of size

  • Apply specific surface finish. For instance, cross hatching.

  • Efficient plateau honing once double acting tool is being used.

Final Thoughts

CNC machining plays a vital role to every industry in producing parts and products. They employ the use of computerized controls to offer a more precise, accurate, faster processing, and lower risk of errors.

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