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Types of Pop-up Experiences in New York You Should Keep in Mind

Pop-ups in New York are invitation-only events for VIP customers to public product trials. Essentially, it is a business type opening for a limited time only – with a clear opening and closing dates.

Pop-ups come in many different forms. However, their consistent goal is to never become permanent. Mostly are only around for a month or a year before moving to another city.

Concepts of a pop-up event is transformed to align with the desired location – from small regional launches to national campaigns. Affordability, high impact, versatility, and flexibility characterize pop-up experiences in New York.

Pop-ups are very well known in New York city. It does not only create a sense of urgency to check them out, but also parallels the fact that you are setting up a physical shop in the city for a specified time. As they become more and more popular, a lot of companies continue to put up extravagant pop-ups for marketing purposes. Marketers and organizers aim at transforming these to be very Instagram friendly for marketing.

Conceptualizing a pop-up would mean no difficulty and fast rules with regards to the theme, size, or scale. The size and scale extend from 100 sq. ft kiosks to 10,000 sq. ft multi-level structures.

What are the types of pop-ups?

  1. Pop-up Events

  • This type of pop-up can come in the form of an impromptu listening party. Typically, it is meant to create hype around an upcoming event, release, or product.

  1. Pop-up Shops

  • Also known as temporary stores, you often see these especially during the holidays. Brands take this opportunity to create unique and engaging physical shopping experiences as they provide flexibility and opportunity to experiment with less risk.

  1. Pop-up Restaurants

  • This type of pop-up occurs whenever traditional restaurants only have plans to stay open for few months. Sometimes, there are chefs who run pop-up restaurants if they are wanting to try something experimental.

  1. Pop-up Art Installations

  • This can be a pop-up designated to be more traditional art installations. However, today they can also be meant to create photo opportunities for Instagram.

Let us discuss further below the two pop-up experiences that have proven to be most popular.

Pop-up experience that sells product.

As we all are aware, a pop-up store works like a temporary storefront focusing on a particular brand and its most popular or innovative products. It pops up usually in underutilized or unused retail space as well as high-traffic areas. In a pop-up shop, you get to learn more about the latest product innovations and here’s where you can directly buy from. Most consumers are enticed whenever there are special offers, coupons, regional events, and a drive to social media.

Pop-up experience that generates brand awareness among influencer consumer sets.

Most of the time, activity-themed environments in high-traffic areas aim to focus on two main things. Firstly, the authenticity of the brand and the benefits you could pull from it. Next is the product or service that creates a unique and seamless experience. Both customers and influencers get to participate in demonstrations illustrating product capabilities. Guests even get to share their excitement about the pop-up experience, brand, or products on social media. Often, an exclusive evening event will be held, and VIPs and brand influencers are invited where they could share their lifestyle and interests.


A good commendation to traditional marketing is pop-ups. It’s a way to deliver brand awareness and messages and therefore make an impact on the front lines. It is definitely an easy way to generate consumer urgency in a targeted city or neighborhood.

Success of a pop-up experience can be achieved in a myriad of different ways. For instance, by sales, customer traffic, word of mouth, onsite surveys, coupon redemptions, sample giveaways, as well as media impressions and spikes in online hits.

A great pop-up experience generates media buzz and brand exposure to a larger audience. Ideally, a pop-up store will generate both sales and buzz ensuring a longer life for the temporary experience. You got to have a memorable and worthwhile experience for visitors, customers, and influencers in order to achieve both. However, focus not only on how you can generate sales but also in making connections especially with your ‘virtual’ audiences. Sharing the happenings in the course of the event or going on livestream can get customers to come running down to your fun pop-up experience.

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