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What to Expect From Experiential Fabrication in 2021

In the era of COVID-19 pandemic, experiential fabrication in Kingston continues to shift and innovate. Fabricators and trade show professionals have learned so much from the past year that it ushered them to an entire new wave of innovations. Many brands even took a leap to reimagine ways on how they can connect with their influencers and target audiences like the Generation Z.

Let us now think through about a range of expectations from experiential fabrication in Kingston and what could be the significant impact across the industry.

Disappearance of Virtual Is Not Possible

The tendency of attendees having a more personal comfort level when attending in-person trade shows or events is likely to be increased. This can be due to the rise in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. Moreover, many are actually able to attend the shows for an experiential fabrication in Kingston as corporate travel budgets may be lower as compared to pre-pandemic situation.

In fact, about 41% of adults are more comfortable to engage with each other publicly. This only tells us that virtual components are still necessary in reaching and engaging with your target audiences. Events and tradeshow professionals should take note of this when they build out their future programs in order to showcase the needs of their audiences.

Be that as it may, there are still myriad of organizers who can pull of hybrid events including both virtual and physical components. As mentioned in Smartmeetings, even if 80% of attendees return, there are still some who may not prefer returning to in-person conferences. Organizers will still lose 20% of their potential audience, that is why organizers opt for a virtual component in their marketing plan. Furthermore, it is expected that hybrid event will continue providing opportunities to reach a larger audience in a digital aspect.

This leaves us with an idea that digital elements or online elements are not going to disappear. Rather, it will continue playing as a key role in getting brands, influencers, and attendees stay connected.

Experiential Fabrication in Kingston: Outdoor Events Will Continue Expanding

Keeping outdoor experiences to a greater level of security during this time of pandemic is something we can anticipate. Myriad of organizers continue to provide open air events especially this spring and summer.

Take Restart Stages program at Lincoln Center who will be hosting a total of 10 outdoor performance and rehearsal spaces. They are aiming to kickstart the performing arts sector and New York City’s revival through live performances, civic engagement, and family activities. In collaboration with Stavros Marchos Foundation – Lincoln Center Agora Initiative, Restart Stages will reimagine and reactivate public space for a new era.

The key takeaway for event and trade show professionals will be incorporating outdoor elements and/or taking the experiences outside. These will be a top shot in reaching the target audiences while re-emerging from the other side of the pandemic.

Technology as a Vital Element in Maintaining Health & Safety Protocols

According to Bizbash, there are couple of new technologies that can help keep the safety of attendees during COVID-19 pandemic. From contact-less temperature checks to virtual queuing solutions to social distance-enforcing wristbands, these innovative new tools can be utilized at your next experiential fabrication event.

A range of technological advancements are already seen such as BioButton, mask with microphone installed in it, air filtering, other touchless technologies, and many more. Health trackers like the BioButton will mainly be responsible in monitoring attendee vitals.

As we look further in the experiential marketing trends of 2021, technologies will definitely be a buzz in maintaining health and safety protocols for both staff and attendees.

Final Thoughts

Until now, the public is still unease and nervous about resuming “normal” public events and social behavior. However, organizations innovate by providing ways for people to feel that they are there. Take online events or digital events as an example. Thus, they could gain an opportunity in strengthening relationships and demonstrating leadership despite the challenges.

Experiential fabricators in Kingston such as Co-op Concept and Fabrication continue to create innovative solutions. We aim to empower in connecting with customers in powerful and enticing ways. Check out some of the experiential fabrication projects we spearheaded and contact us to get a quote for your fabrication project.

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